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The e-shop focuses on ECT probes

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Enhanced Filters and Searches

Combine Multiple Filters:The e-shop offers multiple filters and can narrow down the product offering by mechanical, electrical and application specific features. Combine multiple filters to narrow down the product offering according to your requirements.

Additional Support to Find the Best Solution:Beyond the state-of-the-art filters we offer additional ways to find the best product for your application including customized solutions and cross-reference support.

Clear In-Page Navigation

The navigation bar on the top right will be visible on every page you visit.
Products:Complete overview of the product offering enhanced with multiple filter and materials.
Information: Additional information about product features, technical background and materials.
Support: Valuable tips and additional methods to find the best solution for your application.
My Account:Once you submit a first request, you will have the option to save your data and create an account. As a returning customer you can manage your account data.
My List:Browse through test product offering and add your selected products to “My List”. Once you are logged in, My List will remember your choice and you have the opportunity to change the items on My List until you moved this to check-out.
Search:This is a comprehensive full text search, which includes all pages and products on this website. For searching for product names only, we recommend to use the “filter by products” search under “Products”.